Daymeia Campbell

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Job Description-Diagnose, manage, and treat conditions and diseases of the human eye and visual system. Examine eyes and visual system, diagnose problems or impairments, prescribe corrective lenses, and provide treatment.


Salary- $33,300

Education-High school diploma with on-the-job training or certificate, associate's degree or bachelor's degree in optician for career advancement.

Job Description-Design, measure, fit, and adapt lenses and frames for client according to written optical prescription or specification. Assist client with inserting, removing, and caring for contact lenses. Assist client with selecting frames.

Ophthalmic Medical Technician

Salary- $34,200

Education-Certificate or associate's degree

Job Description-Assist ophthalmologists by performing ophthalmic clinical functions. May administer eye exams, administer eye medications, and instruct the patient in care and use of corrective lenses.