Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Easy steps to plan any funeral

Let us make this process easy and filled with compassion, understanding and love for you and your loved ones .

Questions to consider: Burial or cremation_________, type of casket___________, open or closed clothing to be worn____________, and any other special items to be placed with your loved one____________? Songs, readings, poems you want to be read__________________, any video or other special items to be placed around and within the service? Eulogy to be given by____________? Times and day/days that you want the service to be on________________? Pallbearers if going from here to another site________________? Would you like donations to go to the family or any other charity________________?

Feel free to visit before, during, and after your funeral, we are here to help.

Opening hours: Phone # 1-989-249-4545

Monday- Friday: 8-8 pm

Saturday 10-7 pm

Sunday 12-6 pm

email us at for any other questions or concerns.

Eternal Resting Home

Lets us help you in the beginning, middle, and end of life to support your wishes and needs all in one place.


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