come on down

land and climate

even those hot and dry climate covering 42,042 square miles their is a buitiful mountains covering 3/4 of the land. When hurracane sandy hit are area alot of damage was done but we got together and picked up, rebuilt and built more tourisom spots but you,ll have to come down to see it all.

government and History

the democratic rupublic of guatemala is divided into 22 departamentos all headed by a governer. the presedent of guatemala is Otto Perez Molina who is head of government and head of state. the republic government has 158 seats. the two largest political partys are the guatemalan republic front or the "FRG" and then theirs the national unity of hope or the "UNE" the mayen empire ruled are own guatemala for over 1000 years but when we gained are idependnce in 1821 we could not wait to see what we this island would become and now your comeing here with alot other tourest and have a safe travle

vaca plan

-took deta to chicago to atlanta to guatemala