Adolescents and Growing Up

The Impacts of Media and Confusion surrounding it

Gender Stereotypes

In the 21st century, the word sex commonly refers to the biological characteristics that categorize someone as either male or female; whilst gender refers to the socially determined ideas and practices of what it is to be male or female.

For example, do you ever see a boy cry? No, because it is not what is 'expected' of a boy. Boys are meant to be 'tough' have a minimal amount of feelings. For a girl however, you may see one or two every so often cry, because they are 'expected' by society to be fragile and delicate.

The Media and what it portrays

The media often says things that are wrong and that adolescents don't need to know about. Such as the GL (Girls Life) magazine.

Look at the page and see if you can find words like date, shirtless, body (bod), guys, cute, secrets etc.

All there, right? Yep, and girls need to know about none of those things until they're older.