Fidel Castro

Leader of Cuba

Essential Question: Should Castro allow the people to have more freedom within Cuba or should Castro have a firmer grip on the democracy and freedom?

Who is he?

He grew up on a farm since his father was a sugar cane grower. He was intellectually gifted and extremely excelled in his studies at school. But his true passion was sports. He was the pitcher on his high school, El Colegio de Belen, baseball team. After high school, he went to the University of Havana to study law. While at school, he became interested in Cuban nationalism, anti-imperialism, and socialism. He joined the Partido Ortodoxo, an anti-communist party, to reform the corrupt government. His beliefs in equality, sharing of land, free healthcare, and human rights strengthened as he joined the group. During this time, he traveled to the Dominican Republic to help overthrow dictator Rafael Trujillo. When Eduardo Chibas was unable to win the elections against Batista and warn the people about him and his cruel and corrupt ways, Castro realized he had to do something. Castro, and other members of the Ortodoxo party, overthrew the Batista government putting Castro in power. While in power, Castro nationalized Healthcare and made it free for everyone. He also wiped out illiteracy and changed the reputation of Cuba. He ended the United States economic dominance of Cuba and instead began a relationship with the Soviet Union. This bloomed the Cold War.

Propaganda Poster

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"Combat and overcome the impossible"

20/20 Fidel Castro interview - Barbara Walters [3of6]

FIdel Castro Interview with Barbara Walters

Clearly, Barbara and Castro don't see eye to eye when it comes to how to run a country. But a big focus of the interview is about the people. What the people get to say and hear. Freedom of the press is an issue. An article about the defaults of socialism is not allowed. And yet, he says he has "nothing to hide". The press is unable to speak upon opposition like America can. A petition with more then 11,000 signatures for more democracy, more freedom has been left alone, when a petition of 10,000 signatures should be honored. Fidel responses saying they have the right to sign a petition and give it to the national assembly and allow the national assembly to take the steps to do what needs to be done. Other than that, the people cannot change the constitution.

America and Cuba; Difference in Freedom Journal Entry

In Cuba, people are not allowed to run against Castro. If so, they are put into jail. People are not allowed to have a choice in a leader. They are not allowed to hear what they want to hear from the press. They are not allowed to protest or petition against Castro. The most important way of freedom is through education. Free universities. To wipe out illiteracy. In America, there is quite a difference. We get a choice in leader. We have the freedom to hear what we want from the press. People are able to run for president if they want to. We have the freedom of speech. Two accusations have been made by the United States: Cuba has attempted to Sabotage the U.S anti terrorism antics by making fake leads and Cuba has been making biological weapons. In an interview with Barbara Walters, Castro addresses these claims. He states that it would be insane for a small independent country to try to attempt that when they live very close to the most power country on earth. There had been more terrorist plans against his country and his life. No one has died in America in the past fourty three years from Cuba. After watching multiply videos of Barbara's interviews with Castro, I learned a lot of how he is as a person. As a dictator. As a president. He is very persuasive. He always knows what he is going to say next.