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We Built This Place!

Thank you for taking the time to read ENN. ENN provides news including: job openings, style or fashion, trade, crime, food, pharaohs, warfare, new inventions, new medicines, and enemies and allies.

Job Openings

Farmers Wanted:

Last season a lot of our crops had gone bad. I need some help, I have an large field. We are offering you 5 bushels per week of service. Expect to have no breaks and large amount of work.

Laundry Man

Over the last week laundry has been piling up like crazy. If you don't have a job then here is a job you will get no matter what! The laundry man travels from village to village delivering laundry. You will need to do the washing in the Nile with a risk of crocodiles in the lake. The most you will recieve is 422.5 litres of grain per month, enough to feed your family!
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New foods Are On the Way!

A Yummy Treat

Have you ever tried a creamy spread known as butter? Or a soft salty block known as cheese? If your answer is no then keep reading. An Egyptian has brought a new food for us. He shared how he managed to make it. He made both of these things from milking a cow! So go buy some butter and cheese!

Drinks That Make You Go Crazy!!!!!!!!

Everyone loves beer! Both adults and children drink it. Beer is a substance that is made out of river water, barley, and ethanol. The barley kills bacteria and paracites which are in the water. Beer tastes good with every food. So if you haven't had beer then your really mising out!
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Are We Seeing A New Fashion Line?

Children Style!

Most children don't wear clothing until 6 years old. When 6 they have permission to wear clothing to protect them from dry heat. Recently, more and more children have been wearing a trendy side-lock hairstyle. Jewlery has also been seen on many children, espeically girls. They wear anklets, bracelets, collars, and hair accesories. On the other hand boys wear a cloth wrapped around them.

Woman Apparel

Women often wear simple sheath dresses called kalasiris. Women's clothing is very conservative. The dresses go down to their ankles. Beading has also been popular as detail on the dress.

Men Fashion

Egyptian men normally wear simple clothing. Our Egyptian man wear a wrap around skirt known as the Shendyt. The Shendyt is belted at the waist. The men's skirts are short. Some men do not wear shirts and some wear a blouse or tunic.


Where Is Our Pharaoh?

To all my readers who are wondering where our pharaoh Thutmose II is then I got an answer! Mysteriously our pharaoh has disapeared, well actually he has died. Now to all my readers who are freaking out and wondering out of curiosity who did this murder and who is gonna take over the throne, well I have your answer. For all of you who don't know Thutmose II had a child named Thutmost III, Hatshesput has offered to raise this kid until it gets older to take over the throne. So don't worry, Egypt is safe!

A New Game!

Game On!

Have you been getting tired of the same old game checkers? Well heres a brand new game so it can keep your kids busy again, its called senet, senet means "passing" and related to religious beliefs. The symbols on the board represent good or bad fortune But if your getting board of this article then stop reading if not, keep reading to learn how you play. The basics of the game is to move around the board by throwing sticks or knucklebones and to avoid hazards. The winner is the one who got all their pieces around the board first, representing passing into the afterlife.
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Royal News

Hatshepsut becomes a pharaoh?

What an outrage! Queen Hatshepsut becomes a pharaoh? What a shocker, she becomes a pharaoh? At age 12 Hatshepsut had married her half brother Thutmose II. When Thutmose II died Hatshesput had offered to watch Thutmose III until he got older to take over the throne. On the other hand Hatshesput was basically making all the decisions but then when she declared herself pharaoh, people weren't happy about it. Hatshepsut recently just tried to to change her image by making sure that she looked like a man, she even made sure all her female statues showed her looking like a man! If you would like to know what the reviwers have said then read below.
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Reviewer Jonny

"Hatshesut is going crazy, I can't believe she is trying to look like a man when declaring herself pharaoh!"

Reviewer Sasha

"A girl is becoming pharaoh, where is Thutmose III? We need our man so that Egypt won't fall down. Hatshesput has gone way to far!"

Reviewer Rebecca



The Un-Wanted Hatshepsut Helps Egypt!

In Egypt people have had a lot of hate to Hatshesut! But something shocking has happened, the un-wanted Hatshesut has done a great trade. Hatshesut had a trading expedition, bring back vast riches which include ivory, ebony, gold, and leopard skins. Brought from a far away land Punt which is now possibly known as modern-day Eritrea.


The Days are Spinning!

What just happened? Egypt has proudly told me to announce that Egypt now has a solar calender! This new invention is suppose to show the position of the earth on its revolution around the sun. Our fellow Egyptians have even created a calander that featuresc 365 days and 12 months (30 days are in each month and a additonal 5 days are at the end of the year)
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Scribble scrabble

Our Egyptians have been working so hard, the inventors of this new invention have even told me to announce it! Being so excited, im happily announcing Black Ink. This new invention mainly is for writing which are for our scribes. If you dont believe me then here are the steps to making this Ink. So from how I heard it was that the Egyptians made a mix consisiting vegetable gum, soot and bee wax. You are even able to make this paint colorful! To be able to do that you will need to replace soot with other organic materials such as ochre for example. The latter allowed us to make red ink. So there is your proof (if your a scribe this invention will be great for you!)
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Magical Medicines...

The Doctors Save The Day

Our doctors has found a new medicine, this new meidince is used to repeal diseases. The secret ingridient is garlic. Garlic lowers cholesterol and lowers blood pressure and avoids insect bite. So come get some garlic to keep you and your family healthy!

A Sweet Cure

Honey kills off bacteria and can cure a sore throat. Honey contains enzymes that contain hydrogen peroxide that kill off all bacteria. Make sure your honey is raw! Who wants some honey?
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Enemies and Allies

The Numbians Are Coming!

For all of my readers who don't know, egypt of course has enemies. Our Egyptians are crossing paths with people from other lands through trade and war. But our Egyptians do not like foreigners and we consider them a enemy. Our enemies right now are the Hittites in the North, Nubians in the South, Asiatics in the East, and Libyans in the West.

What A Shocker!

At Last! The Negotiations are over! Egyot and Hittite peace treaty has been accepted between Rameses II and Hattusili III (a Hittite king). Rameses II accepteed the silver tablet which represents peace between the two parties. The piece treaty between Egypt and Hittite will be rememered forever!
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By: Laila Dalton & Alix Brudner