Rudolf Diesel

The Industrial Revolution

Rudolf Diesel

Rudolf Diesel, born around the 1800's in Paris, France was the inventor of the incredible diesel engine. As soon as Diesel graduated from school he knew he had a desire for constructing engines. Diesel's first idea for a more advanced engine was an efficient thermal engine which he received a patent for in 1893. Soon after he received the patent he went to work on his idea. The efficient thermal engine or the diesel engine was an engine that did not have to be ignited and could actually ignite itself. With lots of hard work Diesel's once seemingly impossible idea become possible. In 1888, Rudolf became one rich man when his engine became wildly popular, and his engine is still used to this day.

Causes and Development of the Industrial Revolution

Britain was the first the industrialize because Britain had a lot of good markets and natural resources to support a big economy. Also development of industrialization caused the population to increase, new technologies, and new jobs. All of these factors were what allowed Britain to become industrialized as quickly as it did.

Positive and Negative effects of Industrialization

The Industrial Revolution had numerous amounts of both positive and negative effects on cities. A few positive effects were more job opportunities, and the new ability to transport raw materials.