Asia Country Profile

India- Megan Kostrova-Weyers

Country Facts

  • Capital- New Delhi
  • Population- 1.27 Billion
  • Type of Government- Federal Republic
  • Leaders Name- Pranab Mukherjee
  • Type of Currency: Indian Rupee
  • Currency compared to the dollar: $62.07
  • GDP per capita: $4,000 U.S. dollars
  • GDP rank in the world: India is 10th in the world
  • Life expectancy: 64- male 68- female
  • Official languages: Hindi, English


  • Type of economy: capitalist economy
  • Successful or not: I think they are successful because their GDP is high considering their population and being rated 10th in the world and certain countries that have a capitalist economy have a lower population and GDP per capita.
  • How they could improve: I think India could improve their economy by creating higher paying jobs to help out families and parents. They could also help parents with education for their kids, child support, and health care.

Tourist Attractions

Historical Events

  1. The British take over

In 1858, the British overthrow the Indian Moguls and take over.

2. Gaining Independence back

In 1947, the Indians gain control back from Britain and split into two countries, India and Muslim controlled Pakistan.

3. India discovers nuclear weapons

India is one of the first seven countries countries to test nuclear weapons.

Current Event

On Sunday, November 2, 2014 a suspected suicide bombing killed about 50 people and injured around 100 at the border of India and Pakistan. This happened during a nightly military parade while they were lowering the flag.

A company in India

One company in India is iBall. They are kind of like our familiar Apple company. They sell technology such as phones, computers, laptops, and many different varieties of technology.