Respiratory system

By Ana

What does it do?

The respiratory system's main function is to give all the blood cells oxygen so that they can deliver the oxygen around the body. When we breathe we inhale oxygen which goes into the blood cells and then our body gets rid of the carbon dioxide by exhaling.
The Respiratory System

The main organ?

The main organ that we use to breathe is of course the lungs. The lungs are located directly underneath your rib cage. We also use our mouth and nose to breathe in and out.

How do we breathe?

When we inhale oxygen our lungs expand and the diaphragm underneath our lungs contract, flatten and pull downward giving the lungs plenty of space to expand. When we exhale the diaphragm expands pushes back upwards pushing the air out of the lungs.

Parts of the respiratory system

These are the body pieces that help us to breathe:







Respiration-Ventilation 3D Medical Animation

Here are some problems that occur when something is wrong in the respiratory system:


Sneezing happens by the irritation of the mucous membranes in the nose. This might be caused from pepper, pollen, dust, the flu and other things.


Yawning is caused when you are feeling sleepy or tired, and because you are tired the body gets a lack of oxygen. Therefore the brain sends a message to the lungs to take a long deep breath: a yawn.


Hiccups are caused by the sudden movement of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is a dome-shaped muscle that is located underneath the lungs. It is the main muscle used in breathing. Some of the causes of hiccups are irritation of the diaphragm, eating too fast or a substance in the blood that could have caused it.

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