Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made

By Stephan Pastis

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The book I read called Timmy Failure is about a boy named Timmy who made his own agency called Total Failure inc where he solves problems for kids. He’s a bit of a liar and he tries to seem very intelligent just to impress the people he helps but he is caring at some points. He has a partner named Total who is a polar bear and of the time came from Antarctica. Things don’t go well after Timmy failed his history test in school (which is where the story takes place most of the time) that's when his mother dropped the hammer on him, she grounds Timmy.He loses his agency, and he loses TOTAL and the only way to get him back is to do better in school but with him getting tons of zeros it will be difficult to get his agency and his Total back. With no help at all he has to pass the sixth grade.

Point Of View

This books point of view is first person that Timmy tells us in his own words. Sometimes he can make false statements or true statements but that's what makes it fun to learn the way he talks and acts throughout the entire story.


This story does not tell where it is located but the setting is more in school then at home. Timmy Failure is the main character he is 12 years old and really loves to do detective things to help others. He also not that bright in school but he has street smart with him and he has a caring heart towards his mom