CHE Update for 3/12

Coyote Staff Update

Student Goal Setting

Please remember you need to be setting growth goals with your students. They should be aware of achievement levels and where they are at (MAP, grades, curriculum based assessments, etc.). I have started my goal meetings with 5th grade but they are incredibly slow going. I will do my best to make it to your room over the next few weeks.

PBIS Reminders into Spring

Spring is nearly upon us. Instead of waiting for the "typical" increase in 3rd trimester behavior to hit us, let's try to be proactive! Please see below for our 3rd trimester plan for PBIS:

1. March: Select 3-5th grade classes trying out Google Digital Citizenship Platform

2. April: Please do review of PBIS expectations on first few days we return from Spring Break. Focus on playground and common area expectations.

3. Late April/May: Upper grades focus on PBIS expectations for CAASPP testing periods.

Please ticket Paw Prides and Good News Referrals heavily when we return from Spring Break for those students showing responsibility, safety, and for being respectful.

Spring Spirit Week (March 19-March 23)

Student Leadership has voted to hold a Spring Spirit Week. The dress-up days are as follows:

Monday, 3/19: Dress-Up Like Your Favorite Teacher/Staff Member Day

Tuesday, 3/20: Dress-Up Like Your Parent Day

Wednesday, 3/21: Twin Day--Pair up with a friend and come dressed as twins

Thursday, 3/22: Imagination Day--Students use their imagination in a mash-up of wacky and crazy dress up. Teachers can also celebrate imagination by encouraging innovation/making in the class that day.

Friday, 3/23: Dress-Up like Your Favorite Book or Movie Character Day (class reads favorite book or watches favorite movie).


I've mentioned this a few times but just wanted to make sure every single teacher reading this knows that Cordelia Hills will be participating in MTSS Cohort 1. MTSS, or Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, is an approach to providing high quality access to high quality instruction, behavior supports, AND social-emotional supports for all students. You are already engaged in much of this work but MTSS Cohort 1 will bring all of our efforts under one umbrella. You will start hearing a lot more about MTSS.

Update for Events for March and April

I shared my calendar a couple of weeks ago. My calendar, in addition to the school calendar, should COVER nearly all of the events for our school. So instead of listing everything below, from now on, I will highlight a couple of important things.

Mixed Bags Underway and LEGO Classes Underway (see below)

March 13: Fire Drill, NED Show (9:00-9:45)

March 14-16: Conferences (minimum day schedule--schedule will be emailed)

March 19-21: Spring Spirit Week (See above)

March 22: Talent Show Permission Slips due

March 26-April 2: Spring Break

April 3: Staff Meeting, SITE Visit by Martha Lacy

April 11: Site Visit by Superintendent Corey and Ed Services Staff

April 12: Spring BOGO Book Fair

Lego Schedule Reminder

The schedule is below. It would be interested to see students extend the learning or chart learning through writing/digital reflection/presentation. Something more than showing up, doing, and leaving it forever.

Monday, March 12

8:30am-9:30am Chun-Remick

9:45am-10:55am O'Reilly

12:00pm-1:00pm Bosch

1:15pm-2:15pm Leamy

1st Grade - Build a Boat that Floats

2nd Grade - Aerospace Science

3rd Grade - Air Powered Balloon Cars

4th Grade - Earthquake Safe Suspension Bridges

5th Grade - LEGO WEDO Robotics