Naomi salinas

about me

facts about me

I like tike to play whit my cousin and whit my brother, I like to play whit them to soccer. I like soccer is my favorite sport.

facts about my family

I love my family some times we play together. My family is some times fun we like to be together.

my favorite food

my favorite food is candy chicken Alfredo's ,cupcakes and chips
Minions Singing Jingle Bell - Merry Christmas 2014


I love family. My family is cool sometimes, we like to play games and they make jokes to me so I can mad. My grandpa and me we like to go to the stores.

Hollywood Records Promo

Idina Menzel - Let It Go (From Disney's FROZEN) by Hollywood Records Promo
Banana song - Cat-Minion Version

my favorite movie

my favorite movie is home alone because is fun because the kid that is in the movie is naughty.


hi my name is Naomi I like the school is fun I can have friends after I come to Kansas I was living in Arizona is a fun place because they are a lot of stores and parks . I have 3 years in the U.A.S when I come to Kansas I was happy because know I can see my family.