Rainforest animals

Animals that live in the rainforest

There are many animals that live in the Amazon rainforest. Some are:

  • Macaw
  • Jaguar
  • Poison dart frog
  • Amazon river dolphin
  • Spider monkey
  • Sloth
  • Toucan
  • Giant otter
  • Rainforest tree boa
  • Bats
  • Golden lion tamarian

Rainforest habitat

A tropical rainforest has mainly moss and other plantation, rocks, trees, healthy soil, and grasses. The climate of a rainforest is very hot and humid. Each animal has their own habitat and if their habitat is destroyed, the animals won’t have anywhere to live. The average temperature in the rainforest is about 80 degrees year round. The Amazon rainforest is also called "Lungs of the Planet" because it produces 20% of Earth's oxygen.

How animals depend on each other

Each animal eats their own kind of food and they depend on that food, for example, insects. If the insects live in trees and the trees are cut down, the insects don’t have anywhere to live, the animals can’t depend on them, so they don’t have anything to eat, and they will die.


Humans are also considered a predator because they are causing deforestation and they also hunt animals for their meat and other things. The animals in the rainforest are endangered because of the risk of habitat loss. People are cutting down trees with chainsaws, dynamite, fire, bulldozers and many other things. People are doing this so they can sell the wood or clear land so they can earn money. About the size of 20 football fields are destroyed each minute. Deforestation affects the animals by cutting down their habitats that the animals live in. People cut down trees and sell the wood and clear land so they can earn money. People set up charities and advertise the problem so people can help.

How animals live in the rainforest

Plants and sometimes animals kill other animals for food too. Some animals might live in trees like birds and large animals such as jaguars just live on the forest floor. Each animal makes different noises to communicate, for example birds chirp and jaguars growl. Parents educate their young by teaching them which food is good to eat and which animal to stay away from. They also teach their young which tools to use and what to use them for. For example birds may use their beaks to crack nuts open. Some animals live in groups and some animals live alone. For example 10 to 30 macaws live in groups to protect each other from predators. However, macaw flocks don't have a leader so they rely on each other instead of just 1 macaw. Although sloths live alone they may appear during mating season.