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December 9, 2019

Asking Kids the Right Questions

This is a short article for parents on asking the right questions to help create more caring and empathetic children and teenagers. It is an article you could possibly share with families to consider, but also to teachers and staff to add to circles, morning meetings, and discussions.

Link to Article

Emergency Management Survey

Each campus administrator needs to take a moment to fill out the survey from our new Emergency Management Coordinator, Chris McLaughlin. He is very interested in gaining feedback and collaboration on the new emergency management process. Chris' contact information is below if you have any questions. Please have the survey completed before you leave for the holidays.

Survey Link:

Chris McLaughlin | Emergency Management Coordinator
Keller Independent School District
P: 817-744-1208

Updates and Information

  • First Semester PSA Attestation due to Kevin Kinley and Donna Walsh by December 18th. (Note: Elementary campuses do not need to show video. Make monthly announcements that are age-appropriate, staying safe, and reporting concerns. Your ROCK training can count as one of your monthly trainings)

More Professional Development for You!

Do I hold my teachers accountable for ensuring that all of my students strive to achieve academic excellence, including by meeting district, state and federal benchmarks? Mr. Kafele says we must hold your entire school community accountable for the pursuit of excellence, and your standards must remain high for each one involved-but especially for teachers. Though you must treat your teachers fairly when holding them accountable, your leadership must also be firmly established. For your school to move forward successfully as one, you must be able to demonstrate your authority.

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