the articles of confederation

disadvantages of the articles

  • the national government couldn't enforce laws ( so even if the laws were ratified, states could ignore them).
  • the national government couldn't tax the states.
  • the government needed at least nine of the thirteen states approval to pass a law.
  • the government needed all thirteen states approval in order to amend a law.
  • the government did not include an executive nor judicial branch of government.
  • the states ended up suffering economically because they started taxing each other and it disrupted trade between the states

advantages of the articles of confederation

included an unified army
set up a legislature where each state had one vote
was able to build and control an army
the government had the ability to deal with foreign countries on behalf of the states

the second continental congress

why do you think they make a weak central government when creating the articles of confederation?

i think they made the articles with a weak government because....

they did not want to be controlled like England was doing so they put a lot of the power in the states hands so the people could not be controlled as bad as when they were under England's rule