BMSFC Newsletter

December 2015

Message from Dr. Jean Selby, Principal

Happy Holidays to all of you and your families! We are working on wrapping up 1st semester here at BMS/FC and are working hard to push for a strong finish. As we consider the first grading period coming to a close, I hope you and your student will reflect on progress, academic growth, and overall effort this semester. This is a good time to set goals for second semester and discuss how to make even greater gains in success as we move forward. Desire, effort, and attitude are three significant impacts on success for students. All students could benefit with positive encouragement while continuing to focus on these factors.

We are very proud of our students for their efforts this semester. They have taken part in a couple of endeavors to help our community. The first was a food drive for the Harvester’s’ organization. We were able to collect over 1600 food items and donate these to help our community in need. We are also in the middle of “Warm-Up” Belton. This donation initiative is to collect gloves, scarves, hats, jackets, etc. Our students have gone above and beyond in being generous and understanding the needs of our community as we have collected several items. What an awesome group of students! An important life lesson is recognizing the need of others and the empathy towards those individuals in need. Our students are well on their way to becoming citizens that care!

Due to varying weather conditions at this time of the year, please be reminded to stay abreast of the weather and school cancellations. If there is ever a need to cancel school, you can be informed of this in a variety of ways. Please see the district website for the listing of all stations/networks which will display and/or announce closings as they happen.

I also want to remind you of the importance in continuing to encourage and insure that your child attends school each day. The importance of attendance and being on time is critical to their success. When your student is not in school, they are not learning required curriculum. Some suggested tips for helping your student understand this issue:

1. Do not allow your student to miss school except for illness, emergency or religious holidays.

2. If you know of any reason (such as a safety issue) that makes any student fearful of going to school, report them to school administration.

3. Do not condone skipping school for any student. Tell your child that you will report truancy if you see it. You will not let their friends “off the hook”.

4. Praise good attendance! Grades are not the only important factor to consider when evaluating success, especially when attendance is parallel to success!

Enjoy the upcoming winter break and we look forward to our continued partnership with families in the New Year. Please take this time with your family and friends to become relaxed and then to get rejuvenated for a second semester start. We hope for a continued successful and productive school year with our amazing students!

Upcoming Dates and Events

Dec. 16 – 8th Grade Choir Performance at Crown Center

Dec. 18 – Yo Expo – English/Language Arts

Dec. 23 – Jan. 4 – No School – Holiday Break

*Please see the website for all updated sports activities, dates and times.

Counselors Corner

Holidays Are Stressful for Middle Schoolers, Too

Holidays Are Stressful for Middle Schoolers, Too

By: Judith Baenen (Association for Middle Level Education)

According to the National Association of Health Education Centers, the chief stressor for students ages 9-13 is school. No middle grades educator is surprised by this, given the factors involved in a student's school day—grades, homework, friends, bad hair, etc.

As the holidays approach, these stressors are compounded. For kids from abusive and alcoholic families, the holidays are filled with anxiety, if not danger. For the vast majority of middle schoolers, there will be long stretches of time with nothing to do.

For many, interactions with family members are not particularly pleasant, and 10- to 15-year-olds often don't know how to change this dynamic (to be honest, they often add to it!).

Sometimes schools deepen the stress by ramping up the schoolwork as a way of keeping kids focused and busy. Even preparation for holiday programs and projects changes the routine enough to bring on new stress.

Teachers and parents can help kids in the middle grades deal with this stress.

Acknowledge that it exists.
Letting kids know that you know that this can be a hard time for them helps them ease up a little bit. Teachers, especially advisers, should talk openly about the stresses of the holidays for everyone. This might allow kids to be less hard on themselves for any negative feelings that exist.

Teach stress-reduction techniques.
Breathing techniques, body relaxation, mental imaging, and writing work to reduce stress. If you haven't already taught these techniques to your students, this is a good time to do it. This might also be a good time for the PE teacher to introduce yoga or tai chi as part of the daily routine.

Don't let your stress get in the way.
Students who are under stress are going to act out. Kids are going to talk back more, engage in more fights, and be meaner to each other than at other times. You are the adult; work to keep your classroom on an even keel. Raising your voice and losing your patience with students only adds to the tension.

Get students to think beyond themselves.
Most middle schools encourage students to participate in service projects at this time of year. Instead of asking everyone to bring in a can of food, spend quality time talking about the needs of others and the issues behind those needs. Focusing on others is a huge stress-reliever.

Preparing for the holidays can be fun if we understand that for middle schoolers, it's not always as fun as it was when they were "little." Teachers should also remember that they need to find their own stress relief over the next several weeks.


Offseason Strength & Conditioning

Attendance Office

REMINDER: Any 9th grader or any 7th or 8th grader that is taking a high school class needs to have all attendance hours made up before the end of the semester (Dec. 22nd) in order to receive credit for their classes. If the attendance hours are not made up, you will receive an NC on your report card. If they are not made up within 2 weeks of the end of the semester, the grade will be changed to an F and you will need to retake the class for credit. Any questions about how many hours you might owe, please see Mrs. Daniels in the office. Attendance hours can be made up Monday thru Thursday from 2:30-4:00 pm in the library or on Saturdays from 8:00-12:00. If you would like to make hours up on Saturday, you must sign up with Mrs. Daniels prior to attending.

Acting Class


The Freshman Acting classes have been working hard preparing performances all semester. The students recently completed a storytelling unit in which they brought a children's book to life by using creative staging with large wooden blocks, character voices, and energetic gestures and actions. Performing a monologue will be be the students' final assignment for Acting class.
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