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Math in the Summer???

Books, Books, Books!

Just because it's soon to be summer doesn't mean our children can't be learning about math concepts. One easy way to keep the engagement going is through books.

When I was teaching I often tried to connect our topic at hand to a children's book. I would gather the middle schoolers or high schoolers I had in my class at the time, and we would sit on the floor and I would read to them. These books not only helped me to bond with the children in my care an hour a day but to engage them in thinking about our new content in a low-risk environment. Once we read the book, as the concept deepened into new skills and practice at their grade level, we also had the book to reference and discuss as a helpful scaffold when they had a struggling moment.

From my experiences teaching teen learners to raising a daughter of my own, I have found that reading these types of books is key to keeping the positivity and good feelings going around math concepts so that they see math isn't to be feared but something we can all relate to.

I have a great collection of children's books that feature math concepts. There are so many others out there, but if you need a place to start, click the picture to see my list and get started reading this summer with a little math twist!

Teens and Math Reading Options

While teens do enjoy time spent listening to picture books read to them, they often don't want you to know that so below are a couple of options for books that may interest them they can read on their own that also include something about math. There are others of these out there too, but I have these on my shelf as well.

Math & Financial Literacy

Another great topic for continuing math skills over summer is to work on financial literacy at home. It is so important that our children understand not only how to count money, but how it works in terms of savings and investment growth, along with debt related to credit and loans.

You'll find a free resource on my website to give you lots of ideas for working with financial literacy skills at home with learners of all ages. Feel free to share it with friends too.

Money 101: A Parents' Guide to Supporting Financial Literacy in Children

I also offer activities designed around many topics traditionally covered in elementary or middle-grade learning. These sets include instructions for parents to use them with their learners at home that contain activity steps, good questions to ask, and skills that you can follow up with next. If having ready-made activities to use with kids to teach financial literacy would help you, click the image to check them out.

Math is Integral

I'm always happy to help you. Please reach out if there is an activity you'd like to see or have a need I can help with filling.

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Kelli D. Mallory, Ed.D.

The last year has been a challenge but we are all growing & learning, including our kids.

Take a breath. Give yourself a break. Hang in there!