What's Bad About Labs?

February 14, 2016

10 Reasons why Labs Aren't Right for You

Labs shed, especially female Labs. The females shed their whole old coat 2 times a year. Fur collects on furniture, cloths, and runs across the floor bunched up. Labs are people dogs, so if you are allergic to dog hair or dandruff labs may not be for you. Labs should always be with you. You can't just tie them up outside for their whole life. If you will do that, then maybe rethink it. What's better for the dog?

Labs can be dirty at times. They will help themselves to the dirt outside and dig a hole. They track in mud, and sometimes chew on things. Labs are very energetic. If you like to run or walk take them with you. They will always be ready for exercise.

Labs are prone to diseases, health problems, and illness. Somethings are no genetically connected like those, but can still happen. Labs stay hyper for a while. They always have the puppy attitude. Labs don't act old until they are 2-3 years old.

Lab puppies can be playful around small children. They have sharp teeth and like to bite.

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