Class Climate

Spellman Elementary School Room ART 303

How will Ms. Spellman create an intimate climate in a ART class?

  1. Learn Student's names and faces.

  2. Talk, don't lecture.
  3. Every day, write on the board what is to be expected from that class that day.
  4. Talk slowly and tell stories to make sure my students understand at the same pace. And customize the lesson in your own way that's understandable.
  5. When I begin to go over an important concept, I will ask the class to ask me questions about the concept.

What The Class Would Be LEARNING From MS. SPELLMAN

Ms. Spellman's 1st Unit

My first units will include diverse lessons and activities for many grade levels. These units have been created for Spellman Elementary School's classrooms and written in acknowledgement with other ART teachers as they test them in the classroom or studied by the teachers themselves. I will continually add new teaching units, especially those that include options to use technology well as art medium tools for learning ART and ART History.