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Teaching and Learning Smores 5/20/2022


I apologize for the lack of communication through a newsletter, from the Teaching and Learning department and IT department. That being said, let me fill you in on ongoing processes and programs in the works.

IT has installed the first of the new sound systems at CCA with levy dollars. This was an agreement with the community and levy funds and it is great to see it come to fruition. Columbia Crest rooms have been without sound systems and the hope is that this will be beneficial to staff and student learning.

Summer projects are in the works. We will be completing new chromebook enrollment, projection removal, an entire new catalog system, server upgrades and casting repairs. Our plan is to have as smooth of a September as possible when students arrive. Student device checkout will begin when school opens and will be through the library system. New staff will receive devices on new teacher day, and staff that are changing rooms will have their rooms set up in August.

The Teaching and Learning department has been in the process of material renewal and planning for teacher needs for the upcoming school year. I am excited to announce that we have purchased GO GUARDIAN! For those of you that piloted this product, I thank you for your time and effort. For those of you that would like to look at this product please use the following links:

I believe that it is important to provide tools that can help teachers achieve the goals and objectives that they have set for themselves and their students. GO GUARDIAN can help all of us with inclusionary practices, student engagement and focused learning. Training will be through product videos and staff support.

The Teaching and Learning department has also been working with the administration to create a studio teacher plan, support and implementation of inclusionary practices for next year, based on the UDL modules from this year. Please look for more information to come.

Math adoption at the secondary level will be going to the instructional committee soon. This is an exciting process that brings the community together to discuss curriculum, education and student needs. It is a transparent and wonderful process of community and staff engagement. If you would like to know more about the process feel free to contact me.

It is almost the end of the year. I know many of you are looking forward to vacation and recuperation. Currently we have many staff that are moving on to new opportunities and we will have many new staff members arriving. I encourage you all to take time with the staff leaving to enjoy your time and moments together. Celebrate your achievements and hardships. Tell stories and reminisce about times together. I have always thought of our district as an extension of family. Family has struggles and successes together. We will be inviting new members into our family. Let’s have grace, patience and guidance for them. Let's learn from each other and move forward together. We are on the verge of launching anew. By embracing what's next, welcoming the new, and celebrating all those that have contributed to where we have been, we can step forward together and make an even stronger family bond for our students and our community.


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