Environment and society

summative assesment

summary of the unit

People fighting over land and interaction among major groups has potential to create conflict.


Sand wars

In sand wars a major conflict was created due to demand for sand and how they wanted the remaining amount of sand. In sand wars there are 2 major belief systems on this conflict. one for converse sand, and using sand. Or for example "fracking hell", the people are against fracking but the government is for fracking so they can get drinking water. also, in 30 days they talk about true beliefs like when oldue first come to live with the muslum family a conflict is created because oldue doesn't want to give up his religion and pray because he only believes in his god.

natural resources in my home

IN my family we drink a lot of milk . my mom and sister uses it for coffee while me and my dad use it for cereal and chocolate milk and i used all the milk and my dad went to have his late night cereal and was pissed because there was no milk left

2 real examples of recourse being fought over in my house

me and my sister argue over who gets the last pop tart and my sister took it before i got home so i beat her up

me and my dad share shaving cream and i used the last of it and he needed to shave and he couldn't so he wouldn't give money when i asked to go to get ice cream


With Competition over natural resources and people having different beliefs conflict can be created among people and places. For example we watched the video of dave when he went to live with a muslim family for 30 days. He had different religious beliefs then them and he was supposed to pray, dress, and do everything they do but he disagreed and it created conflict between him and the muslims culture and family. That shows that when people have different beliefs and they are both supposed to do something if they believe otherwise it causes conflict .