Crittenden's Critters

Weekly Updates From Room F7!

Dates to Remember

April 4 - April 8 - Book Fair (more info on our day below)

Thursday, April 7 - Kindergarten Rainbow of Friends Performance at 6:30 in the MPR

April 11- April 15 - Spring Break

Friday, April 29 - SPIRIT DAY: College Day!

Friday, April 29 - READ-IN with Principal Donnelly in the MPR (5:30-10:00 PM)

Friday, May 6 - SPIRIT DAY: Stuffed Animal and Book Day!

May 12 - Whole Class Field Trip to the San Diego Zoo (more information to come)

Upcoming Birthdays!

April 3 - Collin

April 19 - Diya

April 21 - Marissa

Be sure to check your child's Friday Folder for the permission slips for our whole class field trip to the San Diego Zoo in May!

Kindergarten Spring Performance!

This coming Thursday, April 7 is our Kindergarten Rainbow of Friends Spring Performance! Our Cubs have been working hard to practice the songs we are going to perform.

The performance is at 6:30 PM on this coming Thursday in the MPR.

I hope to see everyone there! It will be a great performance!

Book Fair!

This week kicks off our Buy One, Get One Book Fair! The Book Fair will be open all week, but we are going as a class on Tuesday, April 5 from 1:30-2:00 PM.

The Book Fair will run from April 4 to April 8 with the following schedule:

- Monday, April 4 - 3:20- 4:00 PM

-Tuesday, April 5 - 8:30 AM- 4:00 PM

- Wednesday, April 6- 8:30 AM- 2:30 PM & 5:00- 7:00 PM

-Thursday, April 7 - 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

-Friday, April 8 - 8:30AM- 10:00 AM

If you haven't already, please feel free to send money in the envelope you received in last week's Friday Folders for your child's class visit during the week. We can't wait!

Weekly Curriculum Update

April Themes: In the month of April, we will be learning about various animals in different habitats of the world and how they survive in their habitat. Our theme of exploration and global awareness will continue throughout the remainder of the year as we travel to different countries.


Foundational: This week we will be learning about a brand new type of syllable. There are six different syllable types, but we will only be learning about three of them this year. We have already learned about a closed syllable, where there is only one vowel that is closed in by one or more consonants. This week, we will be learning about the vowel-consonant-e syllable. Vowel-consonant-e syllables occur when there is a vowel, then a consonant, and then a silent e at the end of the word. The silent e makes the vowel say its long sound. Some of you may have heard this be called "sneaky e" or "silent e". I want the children to call recognize it as vowel-consonant-e so that they can pay attention to the structure of the word. We will be learning about how to read and write words with vowel-consonant-e this week. Next week, we will be combining what we know about multi-syllabic words and vowel-consonant-e words.

Literature: We will continue to focus on comprehension strategies that help the reader to better understand the text. We will be learning about questioning, visualizing texts, making connections, determining importance, and analyzing a text. Students will learn to compare and contrast different texts from different authors, genres or topics. We will also be reviewing text structures of both non-fiction and fiction texts and how they help us to better understand the text. This next week, we will be focusing on determining importance. This helps students to distinguish the difference between small details and important information in a text.


This week, we will be learning about another type of poem in writing. We will be learning about color poems! The students will choose a color, and then write a poem describing that color.

We will also be beginning our informational writing unit. Informational writing is writing where the writer is telling about a topic that they know about. Students will be able to name the topic, supply a few facts about the topic, and provide closure at the end of their piece. We will be using non-fiction books in our classroom as mentor texts to emulate while we dive into this unit!


Cubs: Cubs will be deepening their understanding of partner groups with adding and subtracting this week. They have done an amazing job with Math Mountains and recognizing partners to 10. They will also be working with tens frames and tens sticks to recognize groups of tens.

Bears: Bears will be jumping into our study of geometry this week! We will be reviewing shape attributes and then learning how to compose and decompose shapes. We will be learning academic vocabulary that helps us to describe a certain shape (vertices, faces, etc.). Students will be reviewing shapes that they learned about last year, as well as new shapes (trapezoid, rhombus, etc.). Looking ahead, our next topic is looking at whole shapes and determining how to partition the shapes into equal parts (fractions).


This month in science, we will be studying different major habitats of the world: grasslands, temperate forests, tropical rain forests, desert, polar ice, and tide pools. We will learn just a bit about each habitat, and how animals in that habitat have adapted to survive. At the end of our unit on animals in the different habitats, we will pair what we have learned with what we have learned in our informational writing unit, and students will research an animal of their choice.


We are SO lucky to have the family of one of our students come to talk to us about The Philippines this week! It is always such a rich experience for the kids to taste the food of a country we have traveled to, or to be a part of a hands-on activity involving that country. After the break, we will be traveling to India! I have quite a few countries that I would love for the kids to travel to to experience the myriad of cultures we have in our world.