Project Planning

Meredith Suddreth

Project Goals

Projects are successful when all the needs have been met by the people who are impacted by the project. Always identify the stakeholders. Once you find out who they are, you need to find out their needs. This is merely done by holding interviews. Prioritize their needs and start a technique to organize the project. Once established, the needs should be recorded in the plan.

Project Deliverables

Using the prioritized goals, create a list of things that the project needs to deliver in order to meet these goals. Specify when and how each item must be delivered.

Project Schedule

Create a list of tasks that need to be carried out for each deliverable item. Once this is established, you can work out the effort to deliver each required item. Figure out a delivery date. Update your list with the more accurate dates. Make sure you're contacting the deliverer to make sure they're on time.

Supporting Plans

You need plans such as a Human Resource Plan, a Communications Plan and a Risk Management Plan. These reduce the risks of time and cost defects, stakeholders changing requirements and poor communication. It also shows that you do not lack the resource commitment.
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