Counselor Corner

October 2021

We are back in the swing of things here at Green Hills!

The students are finding their groove again and really seem to be enjoying spending time with their friends and teachers! I have been spending a lot of time in classrooms, at lunch, and at recess, and it has been wonderful to see them all together again.

I finished up September by visiting classes and presenting my "Who is the School Counselor" lessons for the students in grades K-4. I wanted to make sure that students remembered who I am and how I can help them if they ever need anything. I reminded them that I can help them with friendship struggles, handling big emotions, dealing with stress (academic or personal), and that I am always here if they need someone to talk to.

I began October with my bullying prevention lessons as we kicked off National Bullying Prevention month! More about that below!

We have a lot of exciting events planned and resources to offer, so please continue to read below for more information!

Please remember that I am here to support the students however I can. I am available to meet if a student needs help or just wants to talk! Don't hesitate to reach out if I can support you in any way.

My website is updated regularly with links to resources and information!


Mrs. Stiles


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October is National Bullying Prevention Month. We kicked off the month with our Week of Respect from October 4 - 8, making sure that each day provided the students and staff with an opportunity to help create a positive atmosphere at home and at school. Throughout the month, I will continue to present bullying prevention lessons to all students, helping them learn how to recognize, report, and refuse bullying when they see it. Finally, the inspiring presenters at the Virtual Middle School Summit will share important messages of inclusivity, kindness, and hope.

Parents play a key role in helping to prevent and respond to bullying. For more information about what you can do to be part of the solution, go to for valuable resources.

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For over 20 years, the Center for Prevention and Wellness and the New Jersey Herald have coordinated a contest called "What's Your Anti-Drug," which invites students in grades 4 - 12 to submit a piece of writing or a piece of art for possible inclusion in the Herald's eight page anti-drug supplement. This year, they have also included a new contest called "What Makes You Happy" for students in grades K - 3! Click here for the submission form for grades 4 -12, and click here for the submission form for grades K - 3. We have had student work appear in the NJ Herald for the past three years, and it is always very exciting for students and families!
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October 10th was World Mental Health Day. One of my priorities with all students is to make sure that they know that there are no wrong feelings. It is okay to not be okay. I want them to know that they are important, loved, and respected, and that the world is a better place because they are in it. Please don't hesitate to reach out if your child needs some additional support or if you notice some changes that seem to be lasting for more than a couple of weeks. I'm here to help however I can.
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Internet Safety Parent Presentation

We were fortunate enough to have Detective Garcia offer parents a virtual presentation related to Internet Safety and Cyber-bullying. Detective Garcia and Detective Spence work with the Internet Crime and Technology Unit at the Sussex County Prosecutor's Office, and they shared valuable information related to keeping our children safe on the internet. We hope to offer more opportunities for parent engagement focused on student safety and well-being throughout the school year!
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Positive School Climate Summit

For more than 20 years, The Center for Prevention and Counseling has been hosting an in-person Middle School Summit. The event will be virtual again this year, which means that every 7th and 8th grade student will be able to participate! It will take place the week of October 18 - 22. The Summit makes a positive and lasting difference, as students learn the leadership skills and techniques to make their school safe and inclusive. Through the keynote presentations, messages from high school mentors as well as skits from middle school participants, students are empowered to better understand the theme of Together We Can Make A Difference” as our school works to reduce bullying, increase leadership, empathy, resilience and positive school climate.

I will be gathering more resources from the Center for Prevention and Counseling to share with all students, so that together we can continue to cultivate a positive school climate!

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Sussex County Technical School - Tech Trek

Sussex County Technical School is hosting its annual Tech Trek on November 13th from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. This is a day to expose 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students to Career and Technical Education. The registration form with more information was emailed to parents of students in grades 6 - 8, and was also be distributed to students during homeroom. Tech Trek is one of Sussex Tech's most popular events, and seats fill up quickly. Cost is $15 which includes bagel breakfast, snacks throughout the day, and a gift bag for the students. Please let me know if you need another copy of the registration form!
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Mindful Minutes

It likely goes without saying that students might be feeling more stress and anxiety lately. One practice that can help decrease and manage overwhelming feelings when they arise is mindfulness. Mindfulness helps to bring our focus to the present moment to observe our thoughts without judgment. The practice can also help to minimize negative thoughts that can spiral out of control. I have created a playlist of short mindful minute exercises for students to listen to when they feel the need to reset their thoughts or emotions. I will be adding to the playlist (click here) throughout the rest of the year.
I have updated my webpage to include a virtual office where you will be able to find information and helpful resources! It is a work in progress, so be sure to check in regularly for new information! Click on my bitmoji above to take a look around!
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