Where is Middle earth?



Landscape: The landscape of Poland has many plains of green grass, along with valleys and hills.

Language: The language of Poland is Polish (obviously)

Culture: One of the very interesting things about Poland is that they stick to customs from long ago. There is equal respect for both males and females. Common traditions are slightly similar to ours here in the United States. For example, on easter, there are decorated eggs and blesses food.New Year's Day is the same as here, and catholicism is the main religion.


Middle earth is described as mostly green and brown (nature colored), and Poland is just that. There are many bodies of water, including the 1,506 foot deep Baltic Sea bordering them in Northern Poland. In the Middle Earth description (in chapter 9 of "The Hobbit" they must cross a river). Also, Bilbo and the gang overcome natural barriers along their travels.

Poland's landscaping

Learn more about Poland!- https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/pl.html

counter claims

-Poland(my Middle Earth) and New Zealand(The Hobbit's Middle Earth) have similar customs and foods

-Similar landscapes

-Similar climate


In conclusion, Poland and New Zealand are very similar in many aspects of nature and life. For example, In chapter 5 of The Hobbit it says that Bilbo is on the other side of the Misty Mountain (similar to the Tatra Mountains). Also, both countries have fish as a main dish. In addition to this, both countries have the same major sport! To sum it up, there are many things in Poland that are the same as in New Zealand.
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