Stella & Dot March Madness

Let's Take Our Businesses to New Heights!

What's All the Excitement About?

Spring is here! What does that mean??? It's an amazing time for your business! March, April and May are selling months very comparable to the holiday season! So...if you are just getting out of your gloomy winter funk (I know I am) then now is the time to set new goals, get out and about with your jewels, and make things happen!

For those that know me, I am a huge goal setter...much like our upline director, Ali Santano. She and I have both set huge goals for this spring and early summer (like by July). Ali is on pace to be one of the company's next Star Directors!!! There are only 8 in the company right now and her team (that includes us) has been identified as one of the few that could achieve it by Hoopla (in July). This is such a huge compliment...not just to Ali, but to us because we are a part of her team. And....when this happens, this team will be one of the elite teams in the Stella & Dot world. Ali (and us through her) will have access to more personalized trainings and opportunities to help us also reach our own goals. I personally want to help Ali reach this goal. How can I do that? It's simple....being consistent in my own business.

Now, my big goal for Hoopla is promoting to Associate Director. Eeks...I can't believe I just typed that! But, what is great about Associate Director is that it isn't just a title for is a place in business that can benefit all of us! I will be able to attend top of the line training and then bring it back to you to help you with your businesses. We will all get to reap the rewards! Stella & Dot has been a big leap of faith for me this year. I quit my full time job in July (prior to Tyler's birth) and set my mind to making Stella & Dot a full time job. Each month I have worked to do a little bit more with my business and you know has been so fun! I love styling people and I love calling them and hearing how much they are enjoying their jewelry. Is it always an easy! February was a tough month for me...but as I trudged through, I managed to set up a March that has 7 trunk shows on it prior to March 1st! I'm not done there... I would like to add 3 more for the end of them month. is to spring! A time to renew ourselves...come out of the winter funk and emerge with a renewed spirit for what we are doing! I can't wait to help you all reach your spring goals too!

Don't Miss Out on Fun Freebies!

Senior Stylist Anyone??

What is great about Sr Stylist? You get early ordering for new line releases, you will be getting special recognition at Hoopla, you will get corporate referrals for trunk shows and new stylists and you layer your income! Promoting to Senior Stylist is doable for ANYONE! All you need is 5-10 hours a week for your Stella & Dot business and a desire to share how fun your life as a stylist is. Interested??? I would love to help you get there this spring/summer. I am setting up a coaching call schedule and want to add you to it so we can work on one to help you reach your goal!