By Verenice Macias

Pediatrician basic information

Salary of a pediatrician is 187,200 per year.

The education requires is a doctoral professional.

Job out look is 18% which is higher than usual.

Job description

The job as a pediatric is in the medical field. It focuses on the care for children and young teens.They have to wear scrubs and usually the offices of a pediatric is colorful so it can be kid friendly! On yearly biases a pediatrician earns around 187,200 dollars,$90 a hour. The amount of money a pediatrician earns varies, if your a new pediatrician your going to earn less than a pediatrician who has been working in that field for years. To be able to work in this career field you have to have a high-school diploma and a doctoral profession. The job outlook of a pediatric is 18%, which means that in the future it will be easy to look for jobs in that medical field.

Why is the job as a pediatrician interesting?

I am a person who loves kids and loves to care for people, and a pediatrician is what describes what I like to do. They care for people and especially kids! We should have happy and healthy kids for the future! Besides caring for people pediatrics earn a large amount of money, and I want to be a successful person!

The product of pediatricians

Here is a picture of many happy and healthy kids. Pediatricians make sure kids are healthy!