Life Context

Assets, Liabilities, and Support

My Position

As an intern this semester at PAWS Chicago, I want to positively affect the lives of our sweet animals and the lovely people who open up their homes to them. Naturally, there are some aspects of my life which I will have to work around and adjust to be successful in this endeavor, but I am fortunate to have other aspects of my life that will, coupled with my outstanding support system, aid me in achieving my goals.


Drawing from these sources, all of which are important, positive aspects of my life, I expect to be able to make positive contributions to my place of internship and to grow throughout this experience.

Potential Liabilities

Not every piece of my life context will help me to progress successfully through my internship; in fact, there are some pieces that I worry could hinder me if I allow them to do so.

Support System

Embarking upon this new journey, I am so thankful that I have this group of wonderful people on whom I know I can rely for nearly anything.