World Language Weekly Update

Week of 3/23-3/27

French 1

Students will continue with Lecon 29 to 32 in their workbooks reviewing locations in and outside the home, asking questions, and expressing where things are located. They will describe scenes, and their settings in full sentences answering questions such as “who, when, what, where?”. Also students will review feelings and emotions, and the negative sentence structure “ne… pas”.

French 2

Students will move on to Chapter 4. They will read, translate and answer questions covering their favorite characters while focusing on possessive adjectives and their respective agreements. Lots of new vocabulary will be introduced! Students can also share or present their ‘Monument Project’ during our Zoom time if they so desire. All students will be encouraged to watch 15-30 minutes of French TV daily to continue to practice their ear and familiarity with the language.

German 1

In the coming week, students will watch Frau tell a story each day, then do activities about the story. Once students complete daily assignments, if they want more German entertainment, they can choose videos or games from Frau's Optional German Fun list.

German 2

Students will continue to work on a project started before the break. They will find German bands they like and create an infograph about them using Pictochart. They will then create a music video (no longer than 1 minute) for their favorite song that references the lyrics of the song they find most interesting. They will also watch Edpuzzle videos related to a new story we will begin reading

Spanish 1

Students are going to be introduced to the family unit this next week. We will be practicing new vocab words, talking about our own family members and doing a Google slide to describe family members. They will also view the next episode of Mi Vida Loca. Later in the week, they will work on an Edpuzzle and take an assessment over family on Friday. Also on Friday, you will be introduced to Baile Viernes (Dance Friday)!

Spanish 2

Students are continuing their practice of past events. They will be asked about what they did over the weekend. They are going to read a story and answer comprehension questions. They will listen to Latin music and vote on their favorite. They will also be given a topic and asked to create a conversation with another classmate that they will present on Friday.

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