World Language Weekly Update

Week of 11/16-11/20

French 1

In French 1, students learned frequency words. They shared how often they do certain things. We worked on our speaking skills and sharing this information aloud. Students also started talking about where we do certain activities. Next week, we will be finishing off our unit on hobbies.

French 2

This week, French 2 reviewed descriptions and how to say what someone is like and what someone has. We created a class character, read a story about him, and then created our own characters that we described. Next week, we will be working with our own characters to describe what happened to them.

German 1

German 1 This week we are practicing vocabulary for what we are thankful for. During the async times next week, students will be creating a slideshow in German about what they are thankful for.

German 2

This week we will finish presenting our projects and begin reading our new book, Tim und Claudia suchen ihren Freund. We will continue practicing modal verbs and begin a mini health unit focusing on staying healthy.

Spanish 1

Great to be back with the students. This week we got organized, we worked on adjectives and describing ourselves and others. We took an assessment on Thursday. We also began talking about pronouns and the verb ser. We will start with our novela “Tumba” once we get back from break.

Spanish 2

Great to be back with the students. This week we continued our discussions about houses. We practiced vocabulary and assessed. We reviewed the verb tener and all of its uses. We are going to design our class house and start introducing vocabulary for party planning in the next week.

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