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Complete Sentences

We work hard every day to build strong vocabulary skills. One of the things we learn is how to use complete sentences when we talk together in class. I am so proud of the boys and girls in my classes because they are doing such a great job with this.

Sometimes, we will use sentence starters like the ones below. These help us to talk about our learning.

  • I think this means that __________.
  • I learned that _________.
  • The word, __________, means ___________.
  • An example of something that is _______ is _____________.
  • I'd like to add on to what ____________ said about ___________.

If you are working with your child on homework, you might want to ask him/her to use these sentence starters to talk about their learning.

I am thankful for the growth I see in my students, and I wish all of you a wonderful week!

~Mrs. Dianne Anderson

What are we learning this week? September 22-26, 2014

Expanding English 12:25-1:15

Unit 1: The Big City

Vocabulary-buy, favorite, holiday, restaurant, noisy, crowded, move, our, through

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Strategy: Ask & Answer Questions

Skill: Identify Setting

Grammar: Plural Nouns, Proper Nouns, and Possessive Nouns

Critical Thinking: Classify

Phonics: Short /a/ and Long /a/ Word Families

Word List:

hat, bat, rat, mat, sat

tray, play, pay, spray, day

rake, cake, make

Content Objectives:

  • I can use new vocabulary when I talk, read, and write.
  • I can ask and answer questions when I read.
  • I can find the setting in realistic fiction.
  • I can classify words that go together.

Language Objectives:

  • I can read words with short and long /o/.
  • I can talk to my classmates about what I read.
  • I can use complete sentences when I talk and write.

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