Why hydroelectric is horrible!

By Sarah Hill and Braeden Radke

Hydroelectric is bad for the environment

Hydroelectric harms the environment by killing off fish/aquatic life. Hydroelectric energy also uses power plants to make energy for humans, so therefore polluting the air. Hydroelectric requires rain, so hydroelectric would not work if you had a drought.

Hydroelectric is bad for the economy

Hydroelectric energy is bad for the economy because it is expensive. To build one dam, it costs millions of dollars. Also, the repairs of dams are expensive. If the dams are not repaired regularly, they may break and cause oil to go into rivers.


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Hydroelectric is bad for people/animals...

Hydroelectric is bad for people/animals because it kills fish. Hydroelectric requires the use of a power plant, so therefore polluting the air. If the air is polluted, then it will raise the global temperature. Then if the global temperature is raised, many animals will die out.