MasterLife Discipleship

Book 1/Week 1


We wanted to welcome you to this new chapter in your life as you take your first step in Making Disciples of Jesus Christ who Make Disciples of Others! The first step is becoming a disciple yourself.

Below you will find the first week of MasterLife available to you online. This is to get you jump started as you wait for your books to come in, or time to decide whether or not you would like to pursue this new process at this time.

Click the item below to access daily assignments for your first week...

You will need to order the workbooks or the online version to complete the rest of MasterLife. The price of the book set for MasterLife is $30. We encourage you to order it online from Amazon or from LifeWay. We have provided the links below...

LifeWay Reader App

If you would rather access your MasterLife Books online through a computer or your phone or tablet, then you will need to purchase the LifeWay eBook using the link below. Then you will need to go to your App Store and Download the free LifeWay Reader App to access MasterLife Digital eBooks on your phone or tablet. Click the link below to purchase your MasterLife Digital eBooks...

If you prefer, a pdf format of week 1 is below. Click to access.