Be my husband


About him💞

State composer:ed sheeran

Title: be my husband

What title of music:pop

About him:he's from United Kingdom, he plays his songs with only a guitar but records in a dif. Microphone and replays it.

Instruments: guitar but taps for drums.

Were did u hear or find this song: I first heard this song at a Taylor swift red tour

What do u like about it: I love this song only because he is inspirational and he can really do any thing with a guitar, he was born February 17 th a day after mine and he's also 5'7" and 22 years old❤ he did not go to collage he is actually a drop out but he is still inspirational. The only reason why he dropped out is so he could go on his first tour. His first tour was with Jason Maraz and he's been on tour with him 10 times.

His music😘💞

Be my husband: original cover from nina simone

Give me love: acoustic he said he wrote it as he was playing

A team: it's about his mom as a child

You need me man I don't need you: free style rap were he joins a lot of covers all together

Lego house: about a stalker that he tends to become friends with.