Gifts for Nellie this Christmas!


Minnie's Rockin' Guitar

Watch the hearts on the guitar neck light up in tune with the music!

Press Minnie's face to hear fun phrases!

Hit the whammy bar to jam just like a little rockstar!

This cute little guitar is just $17.99!

Plush Lying Horse

This 20 inch horse is just perfect for little Nellie this Christmas!

It only costs $14.99!

Plush Elephant

This little elephant is a plush companion that lies around until Nellie needs a hug!

This 15 inch elephant is just $14.99!

Minnie Mouse Buttons and Bows Playland

Watch little Nellie have fun in this awesome ball pit!

These are the best gifts for Nellie this Christmas.

She will have so much fun with them, especially in the Minnie Mouse Buttons and Bow Playland.

All of these awesome toys come to a total of $99.96 at Toys R Us!