The Mambo

A Dance from Cuba


The dance was originated in Havana, Cuba, by Haitian immigrants from Haiti. The "Mambo" was a voodoo Priest that is known as a healer, counselor, or entertainer for the village. The dance was first danced like a "rumba" with a riff ending. A Cuban named Damaso Prado, really specialized in the dance. He was known as he "Mambo King." It was first seen in the United States in 1947 in a New York ballroom. It was heavily influenced by American Jazz musicians in the casinos of Havana.
How To Dance The Mambo : Examples Of Mambo Dance Choreography
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The Mambo originated in Cuba in 1943
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People who loved the Mambo and often danced it, were called Mambonicks.
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The Mambo showed up in the U.S. in 1947 in New York.