Math & Science Academy 04.13.20

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Academy Academic Requirement Update

I hope you and your family continue keeping safe and healthy as we all are settling down into this new strange norm. I know there many of you still concern about graduation, grades, summer school, and many other things. As Dr. Dupre address in his video, he will let you know as soon as a decision are made about all those things I’ve mentioned.

I know some of you have reached out to me concerning meeting the academic requirement of the academy. The academy has decided we will waive the academic requirement for this spring semester. If a student is currently on academic probation it will be extended to the next school year. I hope this helps ease some of the anxiety over grades. However, if you have a failing Term 3 grade, make sure to work with your teachers to make as much improvement to your Term 3 grade as possible.

Math and Science Officer Application for 2020-2021

Below is the link for the 2020-21 MSA Officer Application. For those of you that have a passion to be student leaders and want to help the academy to continue its excellence as an academic institution, I urge you to apply for an officer position.


When you submit your application, you must have the following items

  1. 1) Your completed application
  2. 2) Your answers to the six short answer questions. Make sure you type this out.

All application will be due on Wednesday, April 22, 2020. No late applications will be accepted

Enrichment and YES Hours

Parents and Students,

Due to ongoing health concerns, many enrichment and volunteer events have been canceled. As a result, spring semester enrichment and volunteer-hours requirements will be waived for all academies.

Seniors, will not be required to complete their spring enrichment and volunteer hours to receive the academy medal for graduation. However, because the YES Program at the high school is a separate entity from the academy, seniors who wish to receive their YES medal for graduation from the YES Program will need to reach out to the YES program on their campus and see what they are planning for this years graduating class.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me at Please check the FBISD website for additional updates. Our first priority is for you and your family to remain healthy and safe

If you have specific questions for the district, you can go the FBISD Let’s Talk

Dr. Dupre’s Message to the Class of 2020 | March 18, 2020
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A new call center has also been established to aid parents in guiding their students through online instruction. The call center number is 281-634-0826. The Center will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday (with the exception of April 10)

Social Emotional Health Resources

FBISD has tele-counseling resources for students district-wide. If your student is struggling with anxiety and depression and feels isolated during this time, you can email your student’s school counselor FBISD Counselors Contact List. They will help link you and your student to the right virtual support. In your email, please include:

  • Your Name
  • Your school ID number
  • Your school campus name
  • Description of the challenge you are experiencing
  • Your school counselor will contact

Your student’s school counselor will contact you to review the information submitted and provide guidance on the next steps for virtual support.

FBISD TALKLINE: The District’s confidential helpline to share mental health concerns such as depression or suicidal thoughts. It includes both talking and texting features. Students, parents, and staff can text the word SPEAK to 741741 or call 281-240-8255 (TALK) to connect with a crisis counselor. Both services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information CLICK HERE

At Home Learning Resources for Parents and Students

Fort Bend ISD supports learning anytime from anywhere. At-home learning is critical, especially during this time when regular school routines are not in effect. Check out the following links for information, tools, and experiences that support continued learning for students.


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Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Any non-profit 501 (c) 3 designated company is eligible for students volunteer. Remember a maximum of 8 hours per day may be earned. Be certain to have your volunteer forms signed and then upload to the Volunteer Submission Form. The locations below are samples of where you may volunteer. This list is just a sample and does not have every location where you can volunteer.

1. Child Advocates


2. Second Mile Mission Center

a. Here is the link to volunteer;

3. Boys and Girls Club of Houston

a. Here is the link to volunteer;

4. Friends of Down Syndrome


5. Houston Food Bank

a. Here is the link;

6. Houston Methodist Hospital System

a. at 281.274.7127;

b. Volunteer Services at Main Methodist: Contact: 713.441.3351


***Please see the Dulles Website for directions to submit volunteer hours

Any questions regarding your YES Hours, please email


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NASA Launches $30,000 Competition for Innovative Thinkers, Developers

Challenge Overview

Imagine a world hot enough to turn lead into a puddle, where the atmospheric pressure can crush a nuclear-powered submarine. Now imagine sending a rover to explore that world.

Venus, ancient sister of Earth with a planetary environment just this side of hellish, has been visited by a handful of probes since the early days of space flight. Of the many missions to our celestial neighbor, only about a dozen have made contact with the surface of the planet. The longest-lived landers only managed to function for a couple of hours before succumbing to the relentlessly oppressive heat and pressure.

Despite the punishing conditions, previous missions to Venus have nevertheless delivered important information, such as:

  • Surface temperature: in excess of 450°C
  • Surface pressure: 92 times that of Earth
  • Wind speeds: 0.3 – 1.3 meters per second
    • Due to the extreme pressure, this low wind speed feels almost like gale-force winds here on Earth
  • Length of Venusian day: 116 Earth day


This is a great opportunity for juniors who are looking for their senior project. I will consider making this a group project if you can get your team together. A team can not be more than 5 students.

Rice ELITE Summer Camp

Rice ELITE Camp is the premier summer program for high school students, uniquely focused on preparing tomorrow’s leaders in technology and engineering. Click the PDF link below for further information.

Online Enrichment Opportunities Through Alison

You can select the topic you want to learn about. These are free course, DO NOT PAY for anything. Take a picture of the screen when you complete the course as your evidence. Insert the picture into the enrichment from

Applications for Duke University Summer Session 2020

Applications for Duke University Summer Session 2020 will be opening in less than a month, so we appreciate your help in getting students ready to apply!

Be ready to apply December 3! Click the link below for the program of interest to you:


College Information for Students and Parents

Ms. Warren is the College and Career adviser at Dulles. The CCR center will be open for students to seek advisement, work on college applications, apply for scholarships, write and revise college essays, pick up college brochures, and attend college visits. Parents are also welcome to the resource center if they have questions and concerns regarding post secondary education/careers. This is an exciting addition to all Fort Bend ISD campuses, and the college and career adviser is here to help advise both students and parents.. Please make sure to check her newsletter out frequently for update college information.

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Destination Imagination – Dulles HS raDicals group advances to the State Competition

Team raDIcals with students from Dulles High School - MSA & Sartartia Middle school won 2nd place at the Gulf Coast Regional Destination Imagination Tournament held at Cy- Springs High School on February 29th,2020 in the Service Learning Challenge. The team will be representing FBISD and the Gulf Coast Region at the Texas State Tournament to be held in Arlington, Texas on April 3rd & 4th 2020.

The students from Dulles MSA are ;

Anshumi Jhaveri

Shreia Sundar

Eshaan Khade

Raina Patel

Coached by: Jigisha Doshi (MSA Booster Board member)

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Chevron Science and Engineering Fair.

Congratulate to the following students for placing at the Chevron Science and Engineering Fair. Their projects will now advance to State and one group advanced to Internationals.

Internationational and State Participants

Nail Lakhani

Jayanth Pratap

Abhinav Sinha

State Participants

Anvi Garyali

Sneha Sinha

Alan Makosa

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Please congratulate Chelsea Tang

Please congratulate Chelsea Tang for being Class Champion – Painting, at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Her artwork will be displayed during HLS&R and auctioned off on March 15!

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Please congratulate freshman, Beryl Zhu

Please congratulate freshman, Beryl Zhu, for being selected as a TOP TEN winner in the “Celebrating Art” contest presented by Blick Art Materials. She was selected out of thousands of entries as one of the ten best art pieces in her grade division (grades 7-9) for the entire U.S.

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Dulles Decathlon finished 1st at the Region VII Academic Decathlon Meet

Dulles Decathlon finished 1st at the Region VII Academic Decathlon Meet. They took 7 of the 15 overall individual medals and 1st place in the Super Quiz event! The team also took home a lot of individual event medals

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U.S. Presidential Scholar Candidate

Names in order in the picture:

Principal King-Knowles, Kiran Thirukonda, Taylor Shui, Michael Brough, Tony Jha, Ethan Zahid, and MSA Coordinator, Donald Lam.

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Houston High School Mathematics Contest

Over the weekend Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society) members competed at the University of Houston High School Mathematics Contest. The following students received individual Awards:

Alex Liu: Physics and Statistics

Anaya Bawiskar: Algebra II

Tony Dong: Algebra II

Amogha Pokkulandra: Number Sense

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Submission Deadlines

Outside Enrichment Activities

First Semester – December 9, 2019

Second Semester – May 11, 2020

Volunteer Hours

First Semester – December 31, 2019

Second Semester

for Class of 2020 – March 30, 2020

for Classes 2021, 2022, & 2023 – May 4, 2020