The Good Kind of Fat

Lexi Legaspi 4A


- Carrying vitamins A, D, E, and K through the body

- Cushioning the body's vital organs

-Protecting the body from extreme temperatures

-Providing a reserve supply of energy (when the body stores it)

Fatty acids

1) Saturated - animal fats and coconut oils

2) Monounsaturated - found in peanut, olive, and avocado oils

3) Polyunsaturated - found in fish, corn, and sunflower oils

Less is more

When fat is eaten to excess the body stores it as energy reserves. If ther reserves are not used they continue to build and are visible as body fat. Excess fat can be bad, especially if it's cholesterol. Cholesterol is a white waxy substance that helps the body carry out it's many processes. The human body makes cholesterol itself and too much clogs arteries.


F- Found in almost everything

A- Artificially and naturally

T- Too much is bad

S- Some is just enough


Our brain is composed of thousands of thousands of brain cells that send messages to each other. The messages travel from one end of the cell across the myelin sheath to the other end.

The myelin sheath is made of fat that acts as an insulator. If the fat insulation disappears, which can happen if your body is lacking enough fats, the braions cells can quit sending messages to one another and die.

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