Ms. Bradford's Peek of the Week

What are we learning from September 29th-October 3rd?

Reader's Workshop

Next week in Reader's Workshop we will be learning all about different kinds of characters. Who is the main character of the story? This is going to help your child in the future with retelling a story. During a retell, students cannot use pronouns (he, she, it, they). They must use the character's name!

**A character is any person, animal, or creature in a story...but they must say or do SOMETHING in order to be considered a character.

We will also continue to learn different stations next week. I am hoping to finish testing no later than next Friday so I can begin pulling Guided Reading groups! Yay!

Writer's Workshop

Last week during Writer's Workshop I taught your child how to staple their own finished books :) We went over the importance of safety as each child fumbled with stapling their books for the first time.

I think it is extremely important for every child in first grade to build their own independence. While their books are not as neatly stapled as if a teacher were doing them, each child takes pride in knowing that it is THEIR book that they did all by themselves.

This week we are going to continue our lesson on learning how to create stories with exciting beginnings. We are getting ideas from fairy tales (once upon a time) as well as from youtube big block clips (a long time ago, in a place not far from here). -- Take a look at a clip that was shown!


During Phonics we will be playing different games to help us learn beginning and ending sounds....I know this sounds easy, but it is actually quite difficult! Your child will be given a stack of pictures. They will have to link the pictures by their sound in a domino effect.

For example; a picture of pens would connect to a picture of a sun because pens ends with an "S" and sun starts with an "S". They will have to find a way to connect 5-10 pictures! We will start off easy at the beginning of the week and gradually get harder to build those higher level thinking skills.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we are going to continue to learn about maps. Last week we mapped out the tour we took of our school. Next week we will be mapping out where to go during a fire drill!

Additional Notes

**Your child should have received their progress report on Friday, September 26th!
**Thank you for everyone who participated in hats on day!

**Reading logs will be due September 30th! Every child who has their reading log completed will earn a Wild Buck!