great product descriptions

great product descriptions

Writing product descriptions – the dos and the don’ts

Writing product descriptions is an easy thing provided you know how to approach this entire process. The primary purpose of a product description is to basically give a potential buyer a comprehensive explanation of what the product is about and some of its features. In light of this, great product descriptions have become part and parcel of modern ecommerce and as such it is imperative to make sure they are written the best way possible. The following are some of the dos and don’ts of writing product descriptions.

The dos

Be simple – it is obviously important to make sure that you use simple language in writing ecommerce product descriptions. Keep the sentences short, straight to the point and very precise. Simple language is also very crucial in the writing process as this will make it easier for people to understand exactly what you are talking about.

Be factual – secondly, it is also very important to make sure that each and every line in your product description is a statement of fact. Most people want to see the value of the product before they can buy it and therefore it is advisable to give all facts in simple and easy to understand language.

The Don’ts

Don’t hype it up – product descriptions are not sales pages or sales letters. They are simply designed to give potential buyers an elaborate view of the product in question and how it will benefit them should they decide to buy it. In that case, avoid hyping up your seo product description.

Don’t sell the product – it is also important to just focus on describing the product and let the customer make the decision of whether they want to buy it or not.

The importance of product descriptions in e-commerce is indeed well known and as such it is important to ensure that your work is flawless when it comes to writing product descriptions.