Building On Our Many Successes

Lego Activity

Building on success opens the door to more success!

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Building on successes is what we do-

You make PISD strong, through and through!

Thanks to your campus, your department, your team-

For inspiring students to follow their dreams!

You make our district awesome-

Continue to flourish and blossom!

PISD is the toughest of tough-

Only our BEST is good enough!

Team Project

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"Student" Expectation

Build a Lego structure that is representative of your team, department, or campus

Displaying Structure

  • Structure will be displayed on a Lego display board for PISD work family to see

  • Image of structure will be uploaded to a presentation document in google docs for the world to see


  • Legos (approximately 50 bricks)

  • Laptop/Netbook

Project Instructions

Written Instructions

  • Scoop a cup of Legos located by Lego Door on north side of dining hall near stage

  • Build structure with team

  • Describe the structure

    • Write a description of the structure “twitter” style

  • Take photo of structure

  • Display Structure

    • Post image and description at

      • See posting directions below

    • Place structure on the Display Station (Lego Door)

      • Hang pre-made label on structure

        • Pick up label on the table

Posting Directions

  • Using laptop/netbook (this will not work with mobile device or iPad) go to

  • Wait for presentation to load

    • No sign-in or account required

    • Multiple users accessing document may slow down upload (be patient)

    • No downloading required

  • Find slide designated with campus or department name

    • Sorted in alpha order by campus then departments

  • Upload image

    • Click insert images

    • Click on choose image upload or drag image

  • Type in description


  • Project complete before we transition to auditorium (approx. 10:00)

  • 15-20 minutes of structured time will be designated for project; however, there will be some “work time” during breakfast and visiting time

Process Skills

  • Inquiry and Creativity

  • Rapport/Team Building

  • Cooperative Learning

  • Writing integration

  • Integration of technology

    • Teaching with Google Docs

  • Time Management

  • Learn by doing