Save Our Lifes Water by Monique

How water is used and what is it?

Water is a liquid. It is found all over our wondrous world and all living things need this source to survive. Then what is water? Water is made of two hydrogen and one oxygen. This mysterious source all started way back. Have you ever wonder how water came to be? It was water that helped form earth did you know that you could be bathing in the same water a dinosaur once stomped in? But don’t worry it gets cleaned.

How Is Water Running Out

Water is a daily source that helps us live and pets like pugs. But we are wasting it by… using sprinkles when it is unnecessary , going to a car wash, drinking juice but it doesn’t mean you don’t drink juice at all, having baths, using full flush, leaving the tap running and long showers. These are all critical so wasting it before it comes a habit.

wasting it before it comes a habit.

Stop leaks, drink more water than juice, use the half flush if possible, wash car on the lawn, use dish washer, take shorter showers and turn of the tap. If you do these handy tips and don’t waste water you will be a life saver.

How important is water

If we continue to waste water terrible things will happen. Trees will die and that is our oxygen nothing will survive including animals and there will be droughts the earth would dry up and soon there will be nothing left. REMEMBER ITS FOR THE PUGS.