Adolf Hitler

Germany's leader

Hitlers party

While Adolf hitler was the chancellor of Germany during the world war 2 era he certainly did have a party. He was apart of the nazi party formerly the national socialist German worker's party. Adolf did not found this party but he did in fact join the year it was created.

Hitler's early life

Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria on April 20, 1889.

At the age of 3 he and his family moved to Germany. Hitler was interested in having a career in fine arts however his dad didn't approve. In 1905 Adolf's mother allowed him to drop out of school at which point he moved to Vienna to paint. While world war one was going on Hitler applied to be in the Germany army and was ultimately accepted. During the war Hitler was given the Iron Cross first class for his bravery. He then returned to Germany which then leads into him becoming chancellor and the start of world war 2

Adolf's political moves

During world war 2 after becoming chancellor of Germany, Adolf decided to irradiated the Jewish people. While he did this by taking over Poland then moving Jews to concentration camps and or killing them before hand. Hitler invaded France and successfully took over all of France with the allies attempting to fight back for control of the nation.Hitler was a brilliant leader until he invaded russia and allowed the battle to rage until winter where he would loose a lot of his men.