The tragedy of Denmark's Prince

Prince Hamlet of Denmark was found dead in this bloodbath of SUICIDE and MURDER.

Prince Hamlet of Denmark, Denmark's favorite bachelor and son of the late King Hamlet, was found dead this early evening at the ripe age of 30. Along with him was his mother, the Queen, the new King, Claudius, and Laertes, son of Polonius (who also died recently this year).

Hamlet was born from Queen Gertrude and King Hamlet. He was an only child. His father was reported to have died from a snake bite earlier this year, but recent evidence shows that the king was murdered buy his brother, Claudius. Hamlet succumbed to a deep depression for months after his father's death. Hamlet attended Stratford, a school, and was planning to go back but instead stayed home because of his mother and step-father's pleas. Hamlet is reported to have become mad with grief; he spoke in riddle, scared people of the castle, and became just loony in general. Hamlet murdered Polonius, father of his love, Ophelia, after an intense argument with his mother. King Claudius became concerned with his own life and decided to send Hamlet to England to be executed; Hamlet did not go to England, or if he did, he was not executed and was found at the funeral for Ophelia, who people still debate whether or not she committed suicide.

Found on the scene of this traumatic event was a cup of poison and poisoned, sharpened rapiers covered in blood. Hamlet's body (found clutched in the grip of his friend, Horatio) appeared to have a wound (most likely caused by one of the swords) containing a suspicious type of poison inside; the same wound was found on Laertes. The two young men were fencing, a play for them to forgive each other and get over the death of Hamlet's love and Laertes' sister, Ophelia. Horatio was alive on the scene and explained how the queen willingly took a sip from the cup of poison and Hamlet forced the King to drink when he found out his treason.

Hamlet was favored by all of Denmark and will be missed. His funeral will be held out in the Graveyard and buried alongside his love, Ophelia, and the rest of the royal family.