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Where did November go?!

Research Happens

This month I have had several groups come down for research support, and I am happy to help others! Please let me know if you have print resource needs, want a project page created and linked to the library website, or if you want me to teach/co-teach a lesson for/with you. You are also encouraged to guide your students to the Citing Your Sources page for a link to EasyBib.

Thanks to Mrs. Fair & Mr. Irving (Plate Tectonics Project), Ms. Tilton (Elements) and Mrs. Newton & Mrs. Still (Charitable Organization) for sharing their students for me.

The Reading Marathon Registration Review

During the first week of November, I registered 152 students and staff to compete in the Reading Marathon. If you are one of those people. don't forget to record the books you complete between now and May in order to earn your invitation to the celebration.

If you missed the initial registration, check in with me in January at the half-way point!

Book Fair Hullabaloo

Pumpkin People Successes

Books, Books, All Types of Books

Food for Thought

Burnt Like Toast?

In the midst of all the holiday craziness, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the demands of the classroom. Some of you have been doing this for a LOOONNNG time (cough...Caz...cough), and some of you are brand new. I found this article, "10 Simple Strategies to Save Time & Sanity" by Rita Platt to be a nice guide to avoiding burnout.

The MiddleWeb site has a lot of other very useful articles and resources that you may find helpful. It's worth the look!

Take a Byte Out of This

Tips to incorporate computer science in NGSS

As we start to really take a look at the new science standards, this article gives great ideas about how to also incorporate computer science skills in your instruction.

"Why Computer Science Belongs in Every Science Teacher's Classroom"

(Insert food pun here)

FYI: I will be hosting an Hour of Code event again this year during the month of December. Thank you to 6th grade math and 7th & 8th grade social studies teachers for agreeing to bring their classes down to complete coding tutorials and celebrate Computer Science Education Week with me. December is filling up quickly, so if you'd like to come down, be sure to check in soon.

The Hour of Code is here