Interactive Formative Assessments

New Teacher Training- Dec.1st


Kahoot! is a game-based formative assessment tool. I used this with my high school students and they loved it! It would work well across any grade or subject area. There is a quick and easy sign up process. The students do NOT have to create accounts. Kahoot provides:

  • Searchable database of teacher created Kahoot! games for almost any grade/subject area
  • Collects and saves your student data
  • Can be used with phones, tablets, or computers
  • Highly engaging environment


Plickers is a tool which allows teachers to collect real time formative assessment data WITHOUT the use of student devices. Each student has a sheet of paper with a code on it. The teacher will display a question on the SmartBoard or Projector, and students will hold their "code" up to display their answer. Scan the codes with any smartphone or tablet to collect your class data! Oh...and each code is unique so NO cheating!
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PearDeck provides a fully interactive and engaging slide presentation to your classroom. Incorporate the use of real-time formative assessments and discussions to enhance understanding of any topic. Fully integrates with Google Drive. Any slide presentation can be imported to PearDeck. Students can "join" the presentation from any phone, tablet or computer by typing in a verification code. No account sign up necessary! To connect Pear Deck to your Google Drive Account:

  • Login to Google Drive
  • Click "New"
  • Click "More"
  • Choose "Connect more apps"
  • Search for the "PearDeck" app
  • Click "Add"