Chief Excutive

"You are confined only by the walls you build yourself"

Chief Excutive

What does a chief executive do? Well, they direct,plan,or implement poicies, objectives, or activites. They also confer with board members,organizatins officals, or staff members. They also nominate citzens to board members, direct or coordinate an organzations finnantials budget as wel.

Working conditions

One of the many things you get for being a chief executive is you get a spacious office and numerous staf members. Also, you get to travel among international,national , and regional local offices. Job transfers are very common as well as attending lots of meeting.


The yearly range is from $95.36-$131.32 in California

What do you need to become one?

The degree you need to become a chief excutive is a msters or bachelors degree in business administration