Learning Styles

By, Jordyn


Definition: related to words or language. For example Mariah Carey is on a talk show. She is talking about her life & answering questions the host is asking her.
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Definition: reasoned, precise, accurate. Albert Einstein is a famous Scientist. He is all really good at math.

Someone who like to work with numbers, is good at math, solving, & etc.

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Definition: physical activity, movement, and awareness through sensory perception - hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling. Jordyn Wieber is a famous 19 year old UCLA Gymnast. She started Gymnastics at a young age. She's also my favorite Gymnast. <3
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Definition: mental images, seeing, & sight. The Audience are watching & listening to the concert. The people are watching a famous person perform.
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Definition: sound arranged in patterns, tone, pitch through music, poetry, color painting, and photography. The picture shows a Starbucks drink in front of a Christmas. This picture was found off Tumblr (a blogging site with a lot of photography).
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Definition: related to relationships with other people.

The picture shows a couple walking while holding hands.

Couple means that they're in a relationship/Dating.

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Intrapersonal: within self.

The girls is walking on the beach by herself.

She prefers to walk alone because it's relaxing because who wouldn't want to do it.

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Definition: related to nature and the environment.

The girl is outside which nature is & she is surrounded by beautiful flowers.

Nature is a beautiful thing.

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