Longear Sunfish

Lepomis Megalotis

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Also known has the Cherry Bream

Cherry Bream is a freshwater fish, that is apart of the sunfish family. Sunfish mostly live in small streams and rivers, Eastern North American, Great Lakes and down to Northeastern Mexico. The longear Sunfish are at maximum 24cm (9.5 in) in length, with a maximum weight at 790g (1.7lb). On average the Cherry Bream do not live past 6 years. These fish are quite colorful. Males are often bright orange or scarlet, and the head and fins usually have turquoise markings. Male and females have a bright blue-green bars that run down the side of his head. A unique characteristic is their elongated opercular flap, giving an appearance of a "long ear".

Fun Facts!

Class: Chordata

Sunfish are active during the day and inactive at night

Females produce 4,000 eggs

Males fan the eggs to remove silt and other debris until the larve hatch

Conservation status- not endangered

Feeding Habits- insects, aquatic invertebrates and small fish