PA Media and Design Competition

(formerly named Computer Fair)

Overview of Competition

The Media and Design Competition is an annual event that highlights Pennsylvania high school and middle school students' application skills and computer knowledge. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the student achievements that happen in your classroom each day. Students are able to unleash their creativity, learn how to convey information more dynamically, and enhance the learning process.

Open to ALL 6th through 12th-grade students who attend a public or private school, a career and technical education center, or students being homeschooled.


  • 3D Design
  • Animation
  • Logo and Graphic Design
  • Digital Movie
  • Programming
  • Web Page Design


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is registration?

A: Free

Q: Do students compete individually or as a group?

A: Students may participate individually or as a group. A student may submit an individual project and take part in a group project, however the projects cannot be in the same category. Groups will be limited to three students.

Q: Are there rubrics?

A: Yes! All judging rubrics are posted on the competition website.

Q: What do we win?

A: Students who finish in the top three will receive a finalist certificate. 1st place winners will be eligible to compete in the state competition. At the state level, category prizes are as follows: 1st place- $150, 2nd place- $100, 3rd place- $50

Q: What about copyrighting?

A: The PA Media and Design Competition, although educational, removes the student work from the classroom and therefore requires the student to get permission from the owner to use any copyrighted music, video, graphics, etc. Fair use does NOT apply. Remember to credit music or items that were created by yourself or friends as well. Display boards or other items that are included with, but not part of, the project may not contain copyrighted material. Display boards are not judged for appearance, however, they will be inspected and can cause the project to be disqualified if copyrighted material is found.