Eisenhower Technology Bytes

September, 2013

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Do you want to communicate with parents in a fun, interactive, but easy way?
Do you want a new technology rich avenue for inquiry projects? Do you want to put a new twist on an old project idea?! Do you want students to be engaged and excited about learning again? Try Smore!

SMORE is an easy to use interactive poster that is a twist on the old school paper created newsletter or poster. Within a Smore I can add video, audio, hyperlinks, photos, and more!

I purchased an educator account for both students and teachers to use for educational or project use. See the username and password below and start creating today! It's so easy!!!

Username: vstelzer@dbqschools.org

Password: eisenhower1++

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Popplet is a user friendly mind mapping tool that allows students and teachers to incorporate technology into every day note taking. Popplet allows users to insert images, drawings, videos, and links. Popplet requires a school purchased account. There are 30 accounts reserved for Eisenhower students use. Send me an e-mail if you are interested in using Popplet. I will distribute account information as needed.

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Prezi is a Web 2.0 twist to Power Point. Students will enjoy collaborating with up to 10 other students on one Prezi. Please send me a note or come and talk to me about facilitating Prezi collaboration and sharing. 11 students can be working on ONE Prezi at the SAME time! YES, at the same time!!! It's very easy and really fun for kids to see each other working on the same presentation together! Please see the e-mail that Mrs. Stelzer sent with the usernames and passwords.

Mentor Mob

Mentor Mob is an easy way for teachers or students to create Web site "playlists" that assist students in finding relevant information related to inquiry or specific content related projects. Mentor Mob has a database filled with already created playlists available for both teacher and student use. The playlists can be embedded into a class blog, class Web site, or Edmodo for easy teacher/student access. See a sample Mentor Mob playlist below.


Tagxedo is a word cloud creator with a twist. Tagxedo allows users to upload their own photos and turn the word cloud into the shape of someone's head or any shape related to the words or phrases in the Tagxedo. See samples below.

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Kid Rex

Kid Rex is Google's way of keeping kids safe during an Internet search. Check out Kid Rex for Safe Google searching for kids. Searching tips for kids:
  1. Use quotation marks- This will help users find information in a more timely manner. The quotation marks eliminate Internet articles that simply mention the word that a user is searching for. The quotation marks direct the search engine to find articles that are actually about the subject and not simply mentioned within the article.
  2. Use TILDA!~ Using Tilda in a user's search helps narrow results to articles that are directly related to a specific subject.
  3. Use a colon: Example: national geographic: cheetahs The colon directs the search engine to be specific to the National Geographic Web page and will only show articles related to Cheetahs within the National Geographic Web page. Try it with any of your favorite Web pages!

Google Searching Tips-Part 1

21 Tips to better search results on Google part 1

Google Searching Tips- Part 2

21 Tips to better search results on Google part 2

Keystone Resources

Keystone Resources

Keystone offers so many wonderful resources for young students to use when trying to find inquiry related information! Please take the time to review these resources. You will be amazed and very grateful for all that Keystone does for our school district!
  • Bookflix
  • TrueFlix
  • Freedom Flix
  • Info Bits
  • Britannica
  • SA E Books
  • ABDO Digital
  • E-Follet

Keystone AEA Username and Password Information

Username: kaea004
Password: kaea01
I have posters for your classrooms in the computer lab! I will leave some in the mail room also!

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Edmodo is a really cool way for students to communicate with teachers and each other about school related issues, concepts, and homework. Edmodo offers teachers an avenue for student collaboration, paperless quizzing, educational applications, homework distribution and more.

20 Ways to Use Edmodo in your classroom

Using Edmodo with students: 20 Ideas


Kidblog is another great way for students, teachers, and parents to communicate, collaborate, and connect beyond the classroom walls. Kidblog is a safe and secure way for students and teachers to share information, resources, artifacts, etc.

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Fakebook: 90 second tutorial
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We Give Books

We Give Books has a vast selection of e-books available to us electronically for FREE! Yes, FREE!!! This link is available on the Eisenhower home page in the Symbaloo at the top.

Username: dbqgenerals

Password: eisenhower

Tux Paint and ABCYA Paint

Tux Paint is an easy to use painting application. Tux Paint assists students in using and maneuvering the computer mouse and it facilitates creativity.